This photo series and this video were made with the help of Ahmed Elgazzar. They are the result of a dance experiment during which four female bodies met, through a gesture both guided and improvised. This body and visual experimentation is part of my research on the bathroom, which began in 2018. The bathroom has become the metaphorical place in which I question identity, body and social development. More specifically, this project questions the gestures of care, the materiality of the flesh and its relationship to the substances that are deposited on. How do these daily gestures shape our appearances, our cultures and our identities? Does taking care of ourselves mean maintaining an image dictated by aesthetic stereotypes? How can dance be born from our most intimate gestures? The photographs have frozen a continuous movement, simultaneously filmed. In the course of this dance, through the contact of the bodies and the gestures repetition, the powdery layers gradually evaporate to leave bare and dusty bodies visible, allowing our gaze to caress a part of their vulnerability.