Inhabited spaces have a lot to say about people who walk through them every day. They reflect of a constant presence, and spatially embody the identity of those who occupy them. This perception, I guess, is what I took from my past scenography studies. Now being familiar to photo studios, I started to be fascinated by those big white coves that cut us off all spatial landmarks. These blank spaces are devoid of any relief and become more and more sanitized, less and less defined. By confronting my interests in dance and fashion photography, I wanted to explore a body language in the middle of nowhere - taking a neutral and neglected material-object (the duvet), to combine it with a naked and wandering figure. The aim was to merge together body and cover to create shapes that can be clear but in which we can also get lost. In an environment that can’t be defined, I was searching for a presence to bring out, for face expressions to capture, similar to the stray look we get when we wake up in the morning. From the exposed body to its disappearance beneath the covering, from the portrait to the upside-down image... This photographic series explores different ways of losing and asserting oneself in a bare environment - and if I am being honest, it has become a parallel with the psychological state of lost I was experiencing at that time, when I had just moved to Brussels. Because this is a part of what photography can do, staging different states of being, common feelings, by building a visual imagery.