There was an old apartment I heard about in Paris. A relative had died few months before, and his property was about to be sold. At the same time, I was leading a research on the ambivalence of identity construction, questioning the relationship to femininity and masculinity that can exist in one body. Looking for spaces where I could physically and photographically stage this theme, I asked to visit the place. The flat was half furnished, half empty. We could see on the tapestries the traces left by the paintings that had been removed, the dust that no longer rose from the ground, the bedsheets which seemed set in time. I perceived this tension between presence and absence as the spatial translation of this wavering identity I was questioning. After getting the permission to occupy this environment for a day, I decided to capture this essence one last time, with two bodies to stage. They were, in turn, half moving, half frozen. More than working with androgynous figures, the main goal was to generate a sort of androgyny by combining two models. One woman, one man, who both embody two halves of an ambivalent whole. As a choreographer works with dancers, I composed bodies and spaces all together in order to create different scenes, dynamic and static at the same time. There remains now this photographic series of this old apartment, talking about the wandering of this character who is not a « she » neither a « he » anymore. I don't know what this place has become, and probably never will, so feel free to read this story in any order you like.