The starting point of this project is a "sound" text. Sound, because it has been written with the aim of being read, recorded, and then physically interpreted. The writing was thus shaped by the rhythm of a future dance. This text follows the research on The Bathroom, exploring a sensorial, immersive writing to invite readers and listeners to dive into the intimacy of this space. While the text describes a personal experience, it tends to awaken the sensations and questions that everyone may encounter in this everyday room. Gabrielle Mogenet composed the soundtrack of this reading, using some sounds recorded in a bathroom. Once the sound composition was done, we worked with seven dancers to interpret these words and sounds through movement. The final video has been made in a photo studio, whose blinding whiteness evokes the idea of a non-place. The whole is a 9-minute audio-visual creation, born of the circulation between writing, sound, dance and image.