Chapter 1 : Ayasha by Hanna

Swallowed up by the frantic race and constant comparison generated by nowadays society, I forgot from where my need to photograph comes from. I got lost in the flow of images in which we sail daily, facing the fear of being always late in the illusory need to run faster and faster. Realizing that the simple pleasure of creating had escaped from me, I decided to put aside my objectives and fears to return to the very necessity of making images. Those images that I capture and that captivate me. Those that allow me, somehow, to perceive the world differently. In the future, this project aims to gather a vast set of images from different contexts and environments.

"Ayasha by Hanna" is the first chapter of this purely visual and emotional research. Those images are the result of an intimate moment, allowed by a sincere and sensitive friendship. With gentleness, kindness and spontaneity, I photographed this muse whose beauty, character and nakedness resonate with the colorful nuances of a bluish flower.

To be continued…